Anyone who has used the Monzo card (a "hot Coral" colour - you can't miss it!), will have been greeted by an instant notification on your phone as soon as you pay for something. Unexpected the first time it happens then entertainingly reassuring thereafter. 

This video by Tim Chung captured on a smart phone, gives a small insight into just what instant notifications require - and where the bar is set for digital customer service. It is relevant for anyone looking to create great digital experiences that are:

- timely

- location aware

- meeting a need

- integrates seamlessly

- and lives the company brand values: someone really cares which emoji you get sent as part of a notification!

Monzo is a bank that brands itself a "bank of the future" with "banking built for your smartphone". Hearing Matt Heath, a Monzo engineer, explain what is happening is a great example of the combination of multiple data sources, automated processes and the integration of other company's services all in real time, just to deliver one small part of a payment. It delivers both emotionally pleasing and added value services, with a sense of humour that encourages reuse.

An emphasis yet again of the importance of getting a company's infrastructure and capabilities in place to match the level of service it needs to deliver.