Worth reading Adam Jackson's thoughtful post-election blog...

Looking at the wider context, operating in an uncertain environment is nothing new. The 1967/68 period, for example, saw everything from the Summer of Love and the Six Day War, to Soviet tanks in Prague, the Tet Offensive and the double assassination of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy. While, to take a closer comparison with Thursday's election, Ted Heath chose to go to the country in 1974 when he had a workable majority and paid the price.

Two things I think it does mean for businesses, not least in financial services, is that good scenario planning becomes ever more important, and that it's worth considering playing a longer game. Brexit, to take the most obvious example, is now likely to play out over a longer timescale, with the endgame (even) less certain.

And perhaps the most profound signal from the election, as much for firms as for politicians, is that younger voters have made their voices heard. Designing products and services that work for them - in substance as well as form - should become a priority if it isn't already.